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Steamboat Amps was founded in 2009 by Jacob “Captain Jake” Rynearson. Specializing in vintage guitar amps, we make extra-tough, long lasting, high quality products. Our experience repairing 50+ year old electronics gave us the knowledge to build musical amplifiers that you can depend on in a professional setting.

If you’d like to place a deposit on a custom amp, speaker cabinet or pedal build please email us at info@steamboatampworks.com. Please consider visiting us in Houston, TX at 1505 Gano St.  We are open to the public Tues-Friday 11A-6P and Saturdays Noon-4pm.

We also host the HOUSTON GUITAR BUILDING CLUB every last Saturday of the Month Noon-2pm.  The club is FREE and is an excellent forum to hang out with like minded DIY’ers and semi-professional luthiers.

Don’t forget to check out our podcast, GUITARCASTER, where we do in depth discussions on all aspects of the guitar and interviews with industry peers and artists. 


Each Steamboat product is made with the highest qualities parts available. All amplifiers come with a lifetime warranty (excluding tubes).

We use audiophile grade filter capacitors, low noise resistors and robust, custom control knobs. Our cabinets are made with top grade Baltic Birch voidless plywood and covered with classic, durable tolex vinyl of the customer’s choice. Our custom shop has the ability to make totally unique products for the musician in mind, from peculiar speaker combinations to custom amp features.


Each amplifier goes through a diagnostic and maintenance process. First we give a visual assessment of condition both inside and out. After initial testing we clean every jack, potentiometer, switch and socket. We then contact the customer with a cost projection and perform the repair. Next we test the amp for correct power output, bias and operation on the bench. Then we finish any extra cleaning that may be performed, reassemble the amp, and do our final play test. Each repair recieves a 90 day warranty on labor.

We also do basic repairs on guitars, effects pedals and studio equipment. Please call for more information.

Cap’n Jake installed some new pickups in a strat body guitar I had laying around and also set it up nice and fixed a couple of other odds and ends that needed attention. Great service, great prices, and without a doubt the go-to shop for all things vintage, tube, or anything custom.

Troy Tabner

Wow! Steamboat ampworks is THE place to go for fast amp repair and amazing custom gear. No one does it better than Capt. Jake and you will sound incredible the next time you plug in. Don’t miss a chance to visit Steamboat, make some friends, and sound amazing!

Jarett Dureell

I called Steamboat about replacing a speaker in my cabinet. As soon as the speaker came in I brought the cab by and they switched it out on the spot. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to play on a few of their custom-built cabs and amps, and every time I am impressed with the quality.

Chris Dunaway

Don’t take your beloved tube amps anywhere else for repairs and modifications. Their Steamboat branded gear is unbelievable, so be sure to try it out when you visit.

Guitarcaster Podcast

Awesome shop! Great experience with these guys. Will exclusive have any amplifiers I own serviced by them.

Nick Wallace

Cool place to visit. Owner’s a nice guy. Lots of cool guitars and amps to check out. Boutique effects pedals. Vintage video games (not for sale…. probably)

Jakob Lindsey

Excellent. Great folks.

Jimi Brown