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Mark Pelli / MAGIC!, Producer, Universal Music Group

“Little” Jack Lawrence / the Raconteurs, the Greenehorns, Dead Weather

Gio Chamba / Gio Chamba, Trippy Cholo

Happy Perez / Producer, Universal Music Group

Gary Moon / Engineer, ZZ Top

Robert Ellis / Robert Ellis Band

Austin Sepulvado / Buxton, Ancient Cat Society, Dolly Barnes, VODI

Bob Lane / Another Run, Whit

Jonathan Chan / Freelance engineer, Sugarhill Studios

Steve Christiansen / Sugarhill Studios

Stephen Finley / Digital Warehouse Studios

Ant Boogie / Ant Boogie band

Phillip Worthington / 2015 Shadow Monsters installation at the MFAH

Carey Lewis / Local Houston artist

Glen Ackerman / Glenious

Ethan Bassford / Polemic

John Schiller / Steel Bearing Hand

Halston Luna / Black Coffee, the Cops, Darkbuster

Reid “the Red Pharaoh” Farrel / Rocky Hill

Sam Turner / Sam Turner & the Cactus Cats

Hayden Wander / Ruiners

Jamie Ross / Omotai

Eric Solomon / Fight Me

Harrison Jacob / As Eden Burns, Cavernous

Matthew “Matty T” Tucci / Blu Simon

Rick Eakens / Footnotes

Ryan Weston

Nathan Quick

Austin Fields

Jim Cardoza

“Steamboat began repairing amplifiers in the corner of a recording studio. The endless pursuit-of-tone inspired our line of vintage voiced tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Deep in the heart of Texas.”
-Capt Jake