12 02, 2013

High what?

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Recently, we were commissioned to recreate a classic Hiwatt DR103 style amplifier.  Most famous as Pete Townshend's amplifier brand-of-choice, we were ecstatic to make this amp for The Treaty Oak Collective - a Houston-based booking firm and record label. The DR103 has immense style - in fact, Hiwatt was a huge influence on the aesthetic design of all Steamboat amps.  Not only in terms of visual design, but high quality, reliable point-to-point wiring with a focus on extreme fidelity. [...]

1 10, 2012


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After many months (nearly a year, in fact!) we have added a new amplifier design to our line up... The Tug Boat Classic!  The Tug is an eight watt, 10" combo guitar amplifier that sits perfectly between the bedroom, the studio and the stage.The Tug Boat sports a single input, Volume and Tone controls, and a power switch that allows access to Full (eight watts) and Half (four watts) power modes.  We've included the Jensen [...]

20 03, 2012

SXSW 2012 Wrap up… We got FIVE on it

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We had a lovely time in Austin this year - even surpassing last year's success.  Thanks Transmission Entertainment, Switched On, South Austin Music, Brian & Jen, and everyone else we talked to, drank with, and shared the wonderful experience that is SXSW.

23 02, 2012

Steamin’ Perps 2012

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Cabinet man Lt. Mild Bill here. I thought I'd fill ya'll in on the first custom build of 2012. OUN (http://unevensouls.com/oun/) comissioned me to build this pair of vented 1x12 speaker cabs for half of his far out quadraphonic amp/effect setup. Since these cabinets are for his 'rhythm guitar' rig, OUN wanted something with an extended low end. Hauling around enough amp for 4 players, the cabs had to be compact and portable. After considering [...]

19 02, 2012

Check My Custom Machine

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Howdy ya'll,     Mild Bill here again with more cabinet work. 2012's been somethin' else. Here's a few projects that have been keeping me all too busy:The first 4 Tugboat Classics are coming along nicely. These open-back 4/8 watt combos will feature all class A circuitry and premium 10" speakers; perfect for studio work, small gigs, rehearsal, and the bedroom boogie. Here we see the beauties in their birthday suits, ready to get all wrapped up     [...]

3 01, 2012

Kleen Dreams

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Here we have a custom amp that I finished right at the beginning of 2011 for O Pioneers!!! guitar player Eric Solomon.  The goal with his "Stressed 200" was to have the most obnoxiously loud clean amp possible, what we ended up with is a unique design I am very proud of.  We did a custom front panel design for Eric using his screen printing company's logo.The circuit was devised starting with the power section [...]

19 09, 2011

Welcome to the Boathouse

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Home of Steamboat Ampworks and Boathouse Recording Services.  We build all analog, discrete tube amplifiers for guitar and bass and we are now offering simple all-analog recordings for only $25/hr...we can send tape straight to the mastering service, and they will send it straight to wax... NO digital alterations at all.  This is a simple service, hence the simple price, but the sound is incredible and there are always a slew of Steamboat Amps to [...]

15 09, 2011

Hunter Perrin Demos the Steamboat Classic 18

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Hunter Perrin is a native Houstonian guitar player, currently residing in LA.  He has collaborated with John Fogerty, Yoko Ono and more, including his band still based in Houston, THUNDERADO.  Check out his website at http://www.hunterperrin.com