12 09, 2011

Nashville Expo Wrap Up

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Yes, yes I know almost a month since the show... it was a helluva ride home! So as most of the show goers found out, we debuted our new Steamroller 200 amp at the Nashville Guitar and Amp show.  This is a monster of an amp suitable for guitar or bass, delivering a solid 200 watts RMS via four KT88 power tubes.  Full Specifications can be found here.We met some excellent people at the show, [...]

15 07, 2011

Steamroller 300

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By far the most time consuming and formidable project to date, the Steamroller 300 is here!  Six KT88s deliver a whopping 300 watts into 2 or 4 ohms- enough to level buildings, or at least to peel the paint off the walls.  This monster was commissioned by another Houstonian, Erik Ingram of the punk band Landfill, always looking for the most extreme bass rig to punish his listeners with.This amp features custom transformers made to vintage SVT specs [...]

14 06, 2011

R is for REVERB!

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This is another custom amplifier incorporating features from the Steamboat Classic series with some really useful add-ons.  Namely, Reverb!  This is the very first Reverb amp I've built from scratch and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.  Just one simple level control moves your tone from small rooms to giant chambers.  In addition to the Reverb control we added a footswitchable drive boost allowing this amp to get very high gain.  Without the drive engaged the amp reproduces [...]

10 06, 2011

Say it ain’t Summerfest!

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As exhausted as I may be, Summerfest was a blast!  We provided all of the guitar and bass amps for both the Rudyard's stage and the Warehouse Live stage.  Thanks to Free Press, Steve Bundrick and his awesome sound company, and all of our friends who helped load gear and hung out at our tent. All of the gear we brought:Steamboat Classic 18 (EL84 model)Steamboat Classic 18 (EL84 model)Steamboat Classic 18 (6V6 model)Steamboat Classic 18 [...]

29 04, 2011

Back from DGS!

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The Dallas International Guitar Show was a blast!Here's some pictures of the Atlas Speaker / Steamboat Ampworks boothBrothers in arms! 

27 04, 2011

Steamboat Classic 18

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Finally... an entry about the Steamboat Classic 18. This amp is the culmination of many years tweaking on various 18 to 25 watt circuits. From the Fender Deluxe, to the Marshall 18 watt, from the Traynor Guitar Mate to the Vox AC15, the heritage of "small" amp designs is very rich. A little flavor of each has been appreciated in our Classic 18 amp, offering up an awesome palette of tones.These amps are all built [...]

10 04, 2011

Creamy Blue

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Here's a Custom 18 watt and matching D112 we built in the Fall of 2010. This one was the first 18 watt to feature a switchable tube or solid state rectifier. It also features a three-way mid switch (Scoop, Flat, Boost), Volume, Treble and Bass controls, as well as a Hi/Lo gain switch and Single Stage/Parallel Stage inputs.Austin Fields, Central Texas guitar player of We Are Pioneers, picked this one up. The fellas came in [...]

23 12, 2010

Hi Gain No. 3

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This project began well over a year ago, transforming and shape-shifting along the way.  Ultimately we ended up with "Hi Gain #3" in all of its distorted glory.  This custom build features four EL34 power tubes pushing 100 watts with four 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp and driver positions.  This one ended up in the hands of my long time friend, and the biggest Neurosis fan I know, Jason Friedman. The original concept was a modified circuit based [...]

6 12, 2010

Happy Holidays!

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 I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday season.  I should be adding more to the blog by the end of the year as I corral new clips of custom amps and sort through the photos of all the stuff we've been working on.Cheers! 

14 11, 2010


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Welcome to Captain Jake's Steamy Boats!This blog is about the custom tube guitar amps I build, who I build them for, why I build them the way I do, and what kind of inspiration I draw from when I come up with a new design to satisfy the requests of the customer.  The name of my company is Steamboat Ampworks and we've had our doors open for repairs and custom builds since January of 2009.I'll [...]