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Steamboat has been the go-to guitar amp repair shop in Houston for over 8 years. Our specialty and focus is vacuum tube guitar and bass amps, and we’ve serviced musicians’ equipment of all ages and genres of music.

Currently, we are not accepting any solid state amp repairs


$60/1 hour
  • We only repair tube amplifiers (incl. amps with solid state components; majority of amp MUST be vacuum tube circuitry)
  • 1 hour minimum + cost of replacement parts
  • estimated time: 7-10 business days


$40/1 hour
  • Repair includes string change, intonation, action adjustment, cleaning, & inspection
  • 1 hour minimum + cost of replacement strings & parts*
  • estimated time: 3-5 business days


$30/½ hour
  • Many pedals cost more to fix than to replace. Please keep this in perspective when inquiring about pedal repair.
  • ½ hour minimum
  • estimated time: 10-14 business days

*complex repairs such as re-fretting and re-finishing will be referred to other qualified repair centers

We pride ourselves on meticulous, detailed work that includes the same diagnostic procedure given to every piece of equipment that hits the bench. As part of our standard service and bench fee, we clean all pots, jacks, switches and sockets with high-quality de-oxidizing cleaners. We also inspect all of the unit’s hardware – often times in music equipment many nuts, washers, and bolts come loose after years of use. Each unit on our bench is tested thoroughly – all voltages are checked against available documentation, and power output tests allow us to confirm proper balance and operation of the unit under full operating conditions.

Once the unit is diagnosed, we send an estimate to our customers via email or phone and schedule the repairs, as well as order any parts that are needed.

After the repairs are completed and the unit is reassembled, a final play and tone test is done at the shop, in the exact same manner the customer would expect to use his gear. We also do a lot of restoration services on guitar amps including re-tolexing, building new baffle boards, stretching grill cloth and creating custom re-house enclosures. Typical turnaround time for our guitar amp service is 7-10 business days.

Over the years we have also begun to offer basic guitar service and effects pedal service. Because of the unique nature of working on each of these types of items we’ve made three repair policies to help guide you through our process. If we are unable to service your items we will be able to refer you to a service center in town that will.

We are available for rush repairs, so if you have a limited time-frame please consider contacting us.


Get Started

We require a repair deposit required for out of town repairs (no deposit required for local repairs)



11:00am – 6:00pm


12:00pm – 4:00pm

Can’t make it during our business hours? Call 713-229-0629 to make an appointment