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Steamboat Classic Series


Create a custom Steamboat amp ala carte with our STEAMBOAT Classic Series!

Each amp includes GAIN, TONE and VOLUME controls, HI and LO impedance inputs, and a three way voicing switch for BRITE, NEUTRAL and BASS voicings.

4, 8, 16 ohm Switchable speaker output (2) 12AX7s and your choice of power tubes.

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Steamboat Classic Series

The Steamboat Classic amp is an homage to the great guitar amps of the 60s and 70s no matter how you build it. From American style cleans to British bite and fuzz, our a la carte style Classic will satisfy a multitude of tones.

Hi and Lo impedance inputs allow you to best match your instrument to the first pre amp stage – Hi impedance is best for plugging your guitar straight in, while the Lo input is better suited for active electronics, or the lower impedance output of a FX board.

The three-way voicing switch gives you a neutral setting, a bright boost or a bass boost. The bright boost will cut through the mix and give you an excellent lead tone, while the bass boost is great for not only the bass guitar, but beefing up a single coil pickup too.

The Gain and Tone controls interact together, the circuit is a modified version of the classic 5E3 amp. The lower the Volume is set, the more treble you can coax out of the tone control. When the Tone control is turned down you engage a low pass filter between pre amp stages.

Our Volume circuit is known as a Post-PI Master Volume. This type of Volume control is the most transparent volume circuit available without going into specialty circuits like power scaling or post-output transformer attenuators (See Tug Boat Amp). From 0-10 you should expect a very consistent tone out of your amplifier.

On the back panel we have 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs for impedance matching to your favorite speaker cabinet. On 50 watt models we include a quick read bias bank, allowing you to easily monitor the current flow in your power tubes with any multi-meter.

Many upgrades are available for the Steamboat Classic. A Fast / Slow rectifier upgrade allows the player to choose between Solid State or Tube rectification, giving you a Faster or Slower attack. A Full / Half Power option is available to cut your output power in half. Reverb, Tremolo and additional pre-amp channels are also available, but will increase the overall size of the amplifier. We can also build your Steamboat Classic into a head cabinet, a 1×12″ combo or our favorite; a 2×10″ combo.

8-10 weeks build time
Shipping: $40 – 80 ($40 for head cabinet, $80 for combo)