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Steamroller Bass Amp


When you need to LEVEL audiences, only the Steamroller will do!

Not only does the Steamroller have tremendous output, this amp is extremely versatile. Available in 100, 200, or 300 watt configurations, this model is perfect for anything from bass guitars and lap steels to grinding, fuzzy, high gain guitars.

The Steamroller 100 accepts any combination of EL34, 6L6, KT66, KT77, and KT88 power tubes. The Steamroller 200 comes equipped with four KT120 tubes and the 300 comes equipped with six KT88s.

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Steamroller Bass Amp

The Steamroller is our ultimate homage to classic, all tube bass amps. This circuit has been distilled from several all time greats including the B15, SVT, Major and Overdrive Special amps, but with modern improvements like better volume control, more power supply filtering, and an easy-to-adjust bias system.

The front end of the Steamroller features standard 1/4″ inputs, one for single stage input, and one for parallel input stages. The parallel option is fatter and adds gain, while also having a slight noise reduction due to common mode rejection. GAIN and classic three-band EQ lets you dial in a huge range of tones. Each frequency band has its own boost; a low end gain boost, a high pass filter, a mid boost and a low pass filter. Every combination of switch settings will yield a unique EQ curve allowing you to dial in a rich, harmonic character suited to your playing style.

The Steamroller utilizes three 12AX7s and one 12AT7 in the pre amp, and 4-6 power tubes depending on the output configuration. The 200 watt version uses the newly designed KT120 power tubes – these extra large tubes are industrial strength and should last for many, many years before requiring replacement.

12-16 weeks build time
Shipping: $60