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The Broken Amp Simulator


“If it ain’t broke … buy a BROKEN AMP SIMULATOR”

Ever since the tune “Rocket 88” hit the airwaves, guitar players have looked for ways to capitalize on their malfunctioning equipment. Overdrive, distortion, fuzz, sub octave – all of these sounds came from equipment that was behaving, well… poorly! Nowadays, the sound of distortion is as common as a cold, but we don’t necessarily want our expensive and otherwise reliable equipment to catch it.

That’s where Captain Jake’s Broken Amp Simulator comes in – a bona fide speaker rippin’, tube slippin contortioner of distortion. The B.A.S. features five knobs to tweak the sounds of old-school boosts, 60’s fuzzes, high gain distortion and noisy sub-octave bit crushing sounds.

The Broken Amp Simulator


  • “GAIN” controls the amount of distortion or fuzz on the front of the pedal circuit
  • “VOLUME” controls the amount of output voltage coming from the pedal, match this setting with your bypass volume
  • “TONE” controls amount of low-end modulation on the feedback circuit
  • “MAL” controls voltage coming into the pedal circuit
  • “FUNCTION” controls the bias, or operating current, in the pedal circuit
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship and parts

The B.A.S. is a true-bypass pedal that operates on a 9v battery, or, a negative-center BOSS style power supply. All of the parts used in this pedal are full-sized, amplifier-quality parts, and like our other products, we back this pedal with a lifetime warranty.

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